Goodbye Liquor, Hello Beer

Why I Started Drinking Liquor

I remember a few short years ago, showing up to my first college bash with a six-pack of cider in my hand. I also remember getting shit on the whole night for not drinking beer. If that happened now, I wouldn’t give a fuck. But freshman year?

It hurt.

Since I didn’t enjoy wine at the time and the available gluten-free beer was shit, I made the move to liquor. Next thing you know I’m downing a fifth of the good stuff just about every weekend.

Looking back on it, holy shit.

Not only did that likely trash my liver and destroy my bank account, it also ruined a bunch of weekends with some outrageous hangovers.

Lucky for all of us, gluten-free beer has been on the rise for the last few years and has put out some fucking delicious products. Oh, you didn’t know? Check it out.

With the increasing need of gluten-free beer that actually tasted like beer, companies began developing and releasing gluten-reduced beer as an alternative.

What is Gluten Reduced Beer

One of my preferred gluten-free beers, the Daura Damm

One of my preferred gluten-free beers, the Daura Damm

Gluten-reduced beer is made from gluten-containing ingredients (like barley) where the gluten content is reduced to below 20 parts per million (ppm) during production.

A popular tool used to accomplish this gluten-reduction is called Brewers Clarex.

Brewers Clarex contains an endoprotease enzyme which proceeds to break down the polypeptides in glutens amino acid sequence, reducing proline and changing the chemical makeup of the protein that was formerly gluten.

In order to make the gluten-reduced claim, each batch of beer is sent to third party testers to ensure that gluten levels meet the required 20ppm or lower. When you buy your beer, you can usually find the batch number of your beer and a link to a site that will give you the actual amount of gluten left in your specific 6 pack of beer.

With gluten-reduced to 20 ppm, many individuals with a gluten-intolerance or Celiac disease can drink these beers with no symptoms or side effects other than some shitty karaoke singing and good times with friends.

However, there will absolutely be some people with high sensitivities who won’t be able to handle these beers.

Well, Fuck What Do We Do?

Lucky for you, I have good news.

This is no longer 2013, where bringing cider to a party equivalates to social suicide. On the marketing side of things, companies like Schilling are rebranding in a pretty sick way to help increase their appeal to college-aged fellas like yourself. (I.E. their Lumberjack Cider)

Even more importantly, most ciders are labeled 100% gluten-free. This means the product never came in contact with gluten during the manufacturing process and is safe for Celiacs of all sensitivities.

While it's not my first choice, Gluten-Free beer also is also an option. Generally, it's made of rice and sorghum and has a pretty rough sorghum aftertaste, but I've had a few that are pretty decent. 

So What’s The Takeaway

My freshman year, I was lacking options and ended up making an early move to liquor.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m a bartender. I fucking love making cocktails and delicious boozy drinks. I also love having a classic old-fashioned some nights when I get off work.

That’s why I became a bartender.

But I also know that liquor as a daily driver is a dangerous road to be on.

So put down the shot glass, grab yourself a brewski, and let’s rage.


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