The Why and How of Brain Fog, Things You Should Know

....... wait a second, what's going on? Where am I?

"Excuse me! Did you hear what I just said?"

Shit, no I didn't "Yes Ma'am" 

"Great, so what date did we move the test too?"

Oh fuck....

Welcome to Freshman Year. 

I was struggling with finding gluten-free food at my college, and as a result I was severely suffering from my Celiac Disease. 

While shitting 12 times a day in the shared, dormitory bathroom wasn't ideal (sorry to all who shared my hall Freshman year) the brain fog was even worse. 

I would go to class excited to learn (sometimes), and walk out 50 minutes later confused as to what exactly had just happened. 

Was I stupid?

No. Maybe. Potentially, I don't really know, but either way that wasn't my issue. 

I was experiencing a fucking insane amount of brain-fog as a result of my inability to eat fully gluten-free. 

And yes, while my very smart mother (interview here) had told me all about brain-fog, I still didn't understand the severity. 

Let's make sure you do. 

This will be a relatively in-depth discussion and explanation, so if at any point you don't understand exactly what's going on, please comment and I'll get back to you ASAP!

What is Brain Fog

While Brain Fog is very common, its far from normal. 

Brain Fog Causes

A term unrecognized by medical practitioners, brain fog is a blanket phrase that is used to describe feelings of confusion, attention deficits, a lack of focus, and forgetfulness. 

Think of it as that impenetrable foggy gloom that surrounds Captain Jack Sparrow's ship whenever he sails somewhere he shouldn't be.

What Causes Brain Fog

If you haven't read through my Celiac 101 blogs, you may want to check them out as they relate pretty heavily to this topic. 

If you don't want to go and read through all the information, the short summary is that when you eat grains, you ingest prolamines, one of those prolamines is named gliadin,  and gliadin is found primarily in gluten. 

Gliadin will fuck you up. 

In fact, Gliadin is what causes the inflammation which produces your symptoms as a Celiac. 

But, the real question is, how can inflammation in your gut affect your brain at all?

Here's How

What many people don't realize is that their gut contains hundred's of millions of nerves which comprise the Enteric Nervous System (ENS). The ENS acts as a "second brain", primarily helping with the digestion process. 

However, the ENS is developed from the very same tissue as the Central Nervous System. This means that structurally and chemically, the ENS system and the brain are similarly organized. Via the Vagus Nerve; the gut can, and does, communicate with the brain 24/7.

It's for this reason that you feel butterflies in your stomach when you are nervous.  

So When You Eat Gluten...

As we know from Part 1 of Celiac 101, when you consume gluten you mess up the makeup of your microbiome. The microbiome, which communicates and sends signals to the ENS. The ENS, which then communicates those signals directly to your brain . 

Eventually, as your levels of bad bacteria increase, they begin sending negative signals to the ENS. In fact, some bacteria in your microbiome can actually release neurotransmitters themselves. 

As we know from before, the brain and ENS (gut brain) are incredibly well connected and communicate both quickly and effectively. 

This is where the damage is done and, soon after, you will begin to experience brain fog. 

So What To Do

Brain Fog Causes

Eat Gluten-free! An easy solution and one you should already be doing. 

If you ARE eating a gluten-free diet but just can't seem to kick the brain fog, then you are just like me. 

After months and months of research, I decided on a strict diet and boy oh boy, this is some next level shit.

At the time of this article, it's only been one week and I feel FUCKING INCREDIBLE.

If you want to learn more about the Specific Carbohydrate Diet (The One I'm On), click HERE and you can read all about it! 

Thank you for reading and I hope you learned something today! If you did, please share with your friends so we can all be on the lookout for this sneaky devil.