Your Gluten-Free Thanksgiving Day Guide

Going home for thanksgiving?

Consider yourself lucky! You’ll be surrounded by family who understand your food issues and want to help you have the best time while remaining healthy.

Going to a friends or distant relatives? Prepare yourself for the onslaught of misinformation.

“You can’t just have a bite?”

gluten free thanksgiving

“I don’t think this has any gluten, you’ll be fine”

Wait 45 minutes and BOOM

You’ve gotten an autoimmune reaction on the nuclear level.

Welcome to thanksgiving!

No one wants you to be sick and no one is deliberately trying to make you sick. All they want is for you to feel included.

Unfortunately, if you give in to their kindness you’ll likely end up feeling far, far worse than if you had been left.


What to do the day of Thanksgiving

Fill up on safe foods earlier rather than later. If you wait to go last, the safe food would likely be contaminated by that point. Get in there early and fill yourself up because we all know the food will be amazing.

If you are being pushed to try some other food, politely explaining that you’ve filled up and if you have another bite you might explode. This will jive well with the granny’s and grandad’s so you have no ragrets. Not even one letter.

              No Ragrets, not even one letter

              No Ragrets, not even one letter

When trying to decide which food is or isn’t safe, make sure that you get all the ingredients as well as using a little common sense. If you asked someone for all the ingredients in their cheesecake and they don’t mention flour, use common sense. It’s probably not gluten-free. I’m sorry.

Now, if you are reading this article before Thanksgiving day you are far better off. When it comes to remaining gluten-free in a glutinous world, planning and speaking up are of crucial importance.

First things first, notify and inform your hosts. They don’t want you to explode either, so don’t feel like you are causing excessive trouble.

Let your hosts know that you can’t eat gluten and, in the process, mention that some turkeys aren’t gluten free. Hopefully, your friends procrastinate like you do and haven’t picked one up yet.

Also, ask if you could get the menu or a list of the foods that will be at the dinner. That way if you see any items you can’t have, you can make a gluten-free version. Make sure you bring plenty to share!

There are some items that your host may have trouble finding, so offer to bring them yourself!

Don't forget to bring dessert! Everyone loves dessert.

Gluten free bread can be either delicious or vomit-inducing. If you have a specific kind that you like, bring it! Don’t trouble your host with trying to decide between all the options that are out there today.

Remember, most of the traditional thanksgiving foods are naturally gluten free. You just need to keep an eye on the bread rolls, stuffing, gravy and pie crusts as well as checking for gluten in old family recipes!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I hope your stomach gets so full it explodes, but your intestinal tract doesn’t.

Oh, and bring dessert. Everybody loves dessert.